Meet Our Bishop

“Our Bishop is the Rt Rev’d Norman Banks who was consecrated Bishop of Richborough in 2011. Brought up in the North-east and after a Degree from Oxford University, Bishop Norman taught in St Albans before training for the Priesthood at S. Stephen’s House, Oxford. Returning to the North-east for parish ministry he was appointed Vicar of Walsingham in 2000 working closely with the Shrine, welcoming pilgrims to his church each Sunday. As Bishop of Richborough he has pastoral oversight of traditionalist Anglo-Catholic and Conservative Evangelical Parishes in the eastern half of the Province of Canterbury, which includes Lincolnshire. Bishop Norman has also taken responsibility for Vocations to the priesthood and the Formation of newly- ordained priests.”

A Few Words About Us

Go FORWARD IN FAITH - With a Vision of Unity and Truth
  • FiF is a membership organisation for members of the Anglicah Church throughout the world.
  • It is made up of both individuals and Parish communities.
  • Its purpose is to proclaim the Gospel ‘once delivered to the saints.’
  • Its aim is to secure a lasting future for orthodox and traditional belief and practice in the Church of England and in other provinces.
  • It supports and encourages all those seeking to maintain the Apostolic Orders of ministry of Bishop. Priest and Deacon handed down through the centuries.
  • FiF upholds traditional doctrine and practice on Marriage and human sexuality.
  • FiF works and prays for Christian Unity.

  • FiF in the Lincolnshire Diocese: Foundation

    Lincoln Diocesan Forward in Faith was founded in 1993 after a service at S. Peter at Gowts Church in Lincoln attended by Bishop John Richards, Bishop of Ebbsfleet the first (and at that time the only) Provincial Episcopal Visitor for the Province of Canterbury and a follow up meeting at the Bannovallum High School in Horncastle.

    A Council was then elected of priests and laity to further the aims of Forward in Faith in Lincolnshire.

    The Structure of Forward in Faith in Lincolnshire

    The Council

    We elect the Council at our Annual Assembly each October. There are both clergy and lay members and two co- chairman.

    The Lay Chair is Miss Lee Kent 01507 463275
    The Clerical Chair is Fr Paul Noble SSC 01522 524319
    The Council meets at Lincoln regularly through the year.

    What Is Forward in Faith - Some of Your Questions